property managers


Managing real estate can be a lot of work. Tracking leases, collecting rent, generating reports for various stakeholders, scheduling maintenance, marketing and more.

With Orange Pear’s user friendly all-in-one property and portfolio management software you can do everything you need on any connected device anywhere, at any time. All your information is in one place and in real-time.

With Orange Pear you can automate, modernize and grow. You can get more done and have more time for things that matter most. Sign up now or schedule a demo and see how Orange Pear can help you be more productive and profitable.

And besides, we offer the best rates in the market!

Lease Management

Imagine your processes running at optimum efficiently without using any paper. Send rental invoices by email and save all your documents relating to your property digitally. You’ll never forget when contracts expire or need to be indexed. With only a few clicks you are able to index leases and register payments.

Lease management

Report easily to stakeholders

Through reports you communicate with (co-)owners or financiers. Generate cash flow summaries, portfolio overviews, rental overviews, statistics, billing lists and detailed summaries per property.

Generate liquidity forecasts

Scenarios are a powerful tool for understanding uncertainty and developing strategies for dealing with these uncertainties. Scenarios will help you to think further and offer you the opportunity to anticipate various possible outcomes. In addition, through scenarios you can discover an (almost) unavoidable future that could have been missed in a different way.


Give others access to your data with ease

Give (co-) owners access to the system so that they can see how their real estate performs.

Manage your documents safely in one location

Save portfolio, property and tenant level documents. This way you always have quick access to contracts, (floor) plans, decisions or any other document. In addition, you only need a few clicks to easily download all documents of a particular type from a portfolio or property.


Create overview with all tasks on a single dashboard

At a single glance, you have access to outstanding invoices, indexable and expiring lease agreements.

Decide faster with real-time KPIs and statistics

With Orange Pear it is possible to see real-time statistics on various levels. This gives you insight into the weighted average remaining length of current agreements and in the total income of agreements within a property or portfolio.